Mandatory Basic Safety Training Course (Construction Work)

Course Contents:

  1. Overview of relevant Occupational Safety and Health Legislation.
  2. General Concept of Work Safety
  3. Potential hazards and their preventions in various operations and activities on construction sites.
  4. Preparation in Emergency
  5. Reporting system and procedures of accidents and dangerous occurrences
  6. Effective transmission information of causes and its preventive method of accidents and disease on construction sites.
  7. Fire prevention measures and use of fire extinguisher
  8. Information and demonstration of personal protective equipment.
  9. Self practice on the safe use of safety harness with lifeline and fall-arresting device.
  10. Examination

Validity: 3 Yearsundefined


Duration: 7.5 hours
Course Date : Please check our calendar
Time: 09:00 a.m. – 05:30 p.m.
Fee: $350

Duration: 3.5 hours
Course Date : Every Friday
Time: 19:00 p.m. – 22:30 p.m.
Fee: $250

(Special arrangement of course are available too. Please contact us for further details.)

Notice to students:

Safety card can be revalidated between six months before expiry date or three months after if expired.